Card Access Systems

Card access control systems restrict entry into your buildings, combine multiple card reader technologies, and positively identify your people. Below are some of the card access equipment manufacturers offered by Hunter Security and Surveillance Systems.

Access control with an eye to the future.

IDenticard® ushers in the next era of security management with the release of its PremiSys™ access control system. Offering an impressive set of advanced features made available by today’s sophisticated technology; PremiSys™ is an attractive option for facilities of every size. Whether you are looking to secure a small office building or a complex network of facilities requiring superior security management integration, PremiSys™ is the versatile, new access solution from the trusted name in security.

Integrated Solutions.

IDenticard’s comprehensive line of integrated security products includes: 

  • Custom ID cards and badge accessories
  • Visitor management programs
  • ID badge software
  • Access control Smart cards
  • Biometric solutions

Most importantly, IDenticard develops all their own software, so you are ensured the highest level of reliability and support.

Intrusion Detection Solutions


WIN-PAK® SE with VISTA integration is the newest version of Honeywell’s most comprehensive access control software. By combining the power of access control, digital video and intrusion into one powerful system, WIN-PAK SE with VISTA integration improves scalability, capability and control.

WIN-PAK SE with VISTA integration provides a single user interface that integrates access control with video and intrusion to create a more robust platform with increased functionality. Functions that have traditionally been tied together through physical relays and input devices are now controlled logically. This simplicity gives users greater control over their systems than they had using multiple software platforms and interfaces.

Card Access Systems

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